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Bespoke Furniture

A bespoke piece of furniture is entirely unique to you. If you have an idea for a piece of furniture that you’d like made specially for you, whether you’ve seen similar online or in a magazine, or you’ve an image in your mind but you can’t find anything close enough, I can bring your vision to life.
And, if you’re unsure what it is you’re looking for and need some design help, or you have an awkward space that needs a bespoke solution, my partner Leisha Norman is an interior designer and can work with you to create a design, which I will then build and bring to life. To view Leisha's interior design work, you can visit her website here

​Bespoke wardrobes, fitted or free-standing, are tailored to your unique requirements, giving you far greater freedom than a shop bought item. You can choose how many shelves, drawers, hangers; whether you want shoe racks, lighting, safe drawers, folding mirrors… and that’s just the functional side of things. You can totally customise the look of your wardrobe too, with plenty of styles, finishes and little touches to choose from.


As well as being a more organised and efficient option, you can define your space, personalise your home and enjoy high end, sustainable furniture that’s made to last.


Free standing or fitted dressers and cupboards can be made to exactly the specification you want. Every part of your dresser will be unique to you, and you can choose the size, which tops, handles and colour. As well as the perfect storage solution, a bespoke dresser will also be a wow centrepiece for your home. 

Dressers & Cupboards